Tips for Dealing with Police During a DUI Arrest

Dealing with the Police During a DUI Arrest

As a Cleveland, Ohio DUI Attorney I feel it is my obligation to provide you, our clients, with some helpful information regarding your pending DUI/OVI arrest. Unlike a traditional criminal defense case where you can make choices now that will help you throughout the investigation you only have a few important choices to make that can greatly assist you in your defense.

The first thing that you need to do is call an attorney that focuses heavily on this area of defense – DUI defense. Even if we do not agree to take your case, or you would like to shop around, you need immediate representation.

Tip 1: Call a Cleveland DUI Attorney

Our Firm can be reached free of charge and without obligation at (440) 471-7784. At our firm all of my attorneys and staff will meet with you and offer a pressure-free consultation – we even do so over the phone – you can call us today!

TIP 2: Be Specific in Your Facts

Our staff, and our attorneys, are going to want to know some basics about your case.

  1. Where were you going?
  2. Do you know why you were stopped?
  3. Was anyone else with you?
  4. Did the officer ask if you had been drinking?
  5. Did you tell the officer how much you had been drinking?
  6. If you took the field sobriety tests, which ones?
  7. Did you take a breath, blood, or urine test?

TIP 3: Invoke Your Right to Remain Silent

You might not have been aware, but at the time of your arrest, you had the right to remain silent. If someone calls you who is not your attorney regarding your arrest you need to invoke your right to remain silent – simply say “I have no comment”.

TIP 4: Proof of Employment and Insurance

We will need proof of both employment and insurance to assist in restoring driving privileges.

Get Representation for your DUI Case Today

At Patituce & Associates we know how important these cases are to you, they are to us. We know that you need privileges so that you can drive to work, keep your job and family together. We offer pressure-free consultations almost 24/7. If you have been arrested you need immediate help from someone who knows what they are doing.

Give me, Joe Patituce, a call at (440) 709-8088 to discuss your case today.