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We personally tailor a defense for each case and aggressively fight against a system designed to convict you.

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At Patituce & Associates, our Cleveland criminal defense lawyers believe in pursuing justice for our clients and their families. As a team with 70+ years of legal experience, we have earned a reputation for exceptional and diligent advocacy among our clients and our peers. Put it this way: when police and prosecutors get into trouble, we are often the team they call. That’s how much we’re trusted in the local community! Additionally, three of our lawyers are former felony-level prosecutors who have gained invaluable insight into the criminal process. Due to our success and our passion, we are known by residents, law enforcement, and prosecution as a first-rate source of counsel for criminal law. It is our pledge to protect your legal rights. Call our experienced Cleveland criminal defense attorneys!

"I initially went with an attorney who called himself 'seasoned.' The truth is that the 'seasoned' attorney never returned my phone calls, never told me what was going on, and every time I saw him at court he was laughing and joking with the prosecutor. Mr. Patituce was none of that. Most of the time he called me back within an hour.

It was the best decision of my life to hire him. I walked out the door free, rather than going to prison."
- A.M.

It's the Only Option

Our team approaches each case with a "can't lose" mentality.  

Results Matter

Because Your Life & Reputation Matter
  • Aggravated Burglary: State v. Boscarello, Cuyahoga County Significant Reduction, Probation
  • Aggravated Theft: State v. Bailey, Cuyahoga Plea and Record
  • Attempted Murder/Felonious Assault: State v. Brandon Betliskey Not Guilty at Trial
  • Child Pornography: State v. J.S. (A juvenile) Youngstown Case Dismissed
  • Domestic Violence: Rocky River v. D.F. Not Guilty at Trial
  • Drug Trafficking: State v. Beckwith, Cuyahoga County Charges Dismissed
  • Drug Trafficking: State v. Bittner, Lorain County Charges Dismissed
  • DUI / OVI: City of Cleveland v. Oles Evidence Suppressed, State Lost the Appeal
  • DUI / OVI: Cleveland v. Al-Nazer (2012 TRC 040781) Case Dismissed
  • DUI/OVI w. a weapon: State v. Al-Nazer (Cuyahoga Case No. 13-575491) Case Dismissed

What Sets Us Apart?

The Patituce & Associates Difference
  • We Offer No-Cost, Confidential Phone Consultations.

  • Our Team Has Over 70 Years of Combined Experience.

  • Our Lead Attorney Is A Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney.

  • Our Attorneys Have Taken Cases to Jury Trials Over 200 Times.

  • We Are the Firm Other Attorneys, Police & Prosecutors Turn To.

  • We Are Available 24/7.

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No Case Is Hopeless

Our Approach

At Patituce & Associates, our main focus is you, the client. We don’t work for the government; we work for you. Our Cleveland criminal defense attorneys understand that each and every client brings a new set of issues, problems, and difficulties that they need to overcome. Often, these problems can appear to be overwhelming, and even impossible, to deal with. We do not feel that way.

Depending on the nature of your case, you might worry that even the best lawyer can’t help. However, if you are facing a felony or misdemeanor, it is imperative that you contact a skilled legal representative right away. There is no case that is hopeless, and if your freedom is on the line or you have been seriously harmed, our defense attorneys will fight for you. Call our expert Cleveland criminal defense lawyers today!

  • National Board of Trial Advocacy
  • Avvo 10.0
  • Best Law Firms US News
  • Best Lawyers in America
  • Super Lawyers
Powerhouse Attorneys

The Patituce & Associates team is made up of battle-tested attorneys who are known  for their fierce advocacy and rigorous defense of the Constitution. 

Client Testimonials

Real People. Real Stories.
  • “Joe's team, especially our attorney, Ashley did a great job of defending my son against a serious assault charge. They were with us every step of the way through a very intimidating legal process, ...”

    - Patricia
  • “I recently was charged with a DUI that could have ruined my career, my relationship with my family, and my personal relationship. I am so thankful that I called Patituce & Associates, and my attorney ...”

    - Andrew
  • “I am so very glad that I hired them to defend my son. They were prompt, professional, and caring. At first I was a little worried that one of the bigger firms in Ohio wouldn't be personable, they were ...”

    - LaToya
  • “I hired Joe and his team after consulting with two other attorneys. Joe was fair and I appreciated his honesty in the consultation process. He was able to convince the court to have my breath test ...”

    - Banes
  • “I was charged with an extreme DUI BAC of over .3. Joe was able to successfully argue that the fault of the BAC was due to the hospital using alcohol on the needles and my arm when drawing my blood and ...”

    - Brandon

You Have Questions

We Have Answers
  • Will I go back to jail?

    This depends on a number of things. First, it depends on the crime you are being charged with. For some, such as a first time DUI, you’ll most likely be released on your own recognizance and will not need to go back to jail. For other, more serious crimes, such as attempted murder, the courts will likely keep you in custody on the charge alone unless you are able to post bail. Second, it depends on the result of your trial. If given a not guilty verdict, it’s almost as if it never happened – you are free to go right then and there. If convicted of a serious crime, you may have to go back into custody. Lastly, it depends on sentencing, as this is another matter entirely. At the point of sentencing, a judge may require a term in jail or alternatives, such as rehabilitation or community service.

  • Do I need to hire an attorney?

    You have the right to an attorney, and you also have the right to waive that right and represent yourself. This right is as old as the Constitution itself, but it is almost always a mistake to do so. Those who are not trained in criminal trial procedure lack the ability to properly file motions, submit evidence, cross examine a witness, or select a jury. In addition, it’s possible that you may accidentally admit guilt in an effort to defend yourself. Criminal trials are very intimidating settings, and the odds will be against you if you choose to defend yourself. Additionally, simply pleading guilty in hopes of mercy from the prosecution is a bad idea – it is their job to give you the harshest sentence they can, and believe me, they will. It is best to leave your fate not up to luck but to legal skills honed over decades.

  • Can I have a conviction removed from my record?

    Once convicted, which means either entering a guilty plea or being found guilty by a jury of your peers, it is difficult but not impossible to have a crime expunged from your record. Most juvenile crimes are able to be expunged, and are often sealed on their record when they turn 18, anyway. However, as an adult, your best bet at getting a crime expunged is if the offense is not violent in nature and if your offense is the first and only one you have ever been found guilty for. First time DUIs are quite often able to expunged as long as you complete all of the mandatory classes, community service, and probation in a timely and effective manner. Other crimes, such as armed robbery, will likely not be expunged unless you are found not guilty by a court of law. Additionally, one cannot expunge a crime while they are pending conviction of another crime.

  • What is the process for hiring a defense law firm?

    The first step in the process is a thorough search for all of the information you can find. Gain a good understanding of what you could be facing if you are actually convicted of the crime. Then, search for a qualified attorney. In this search, you want to look for experience in criminal defense as well as a background in prosecution - this means your attorney can stay ahead of the opposition, You also want to look for previous successful results in cases involving the same charge as yours and any indication that your attorney still possesses a passion for what he or she does. Then, schedule a consultation, where you and your legal team can begin to assess and make a course of action. Initial consultations are usually not binding, meaning that you can still choose another firm after, if you so choose.

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