Is It Possible To Defend Against DNA Evidence?

Many people believe DNA is infallible. This, however, is inaccurate.

Although there have been great advances in the science and technology behind DNA testing, many issues and concerns still exist.

So is it possible to defend against DNA evidence? Absolutely!

The first, and often most overlooked, issue is the human element of DNA testing.

Humans are involved in the collection of the unknown sample to be tested, the collection of a suspect’s DNA, the transportation and storage of samples, as well as the testing.

And humans can make mistakes.

So, if there is DNA evidence in your case, is it possible to defend against it? Absolutely.

It is imperative to ensure all individuals followed the proper protocol in collecting and handling samples.

Further, a review should be done to confirm that all individuals were properly trained in the collection and/or testing procedures and theories.

It is vital that an aggressive defense is mounted against any DNA evidence the prosecution intends to use against you.

The process of review can be laborious, but to protect you, a thorough review must be done.

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