What Is Dash Cam Video?

Although it is becoming more common, many people do not realize that many police departments now have cameras in the police cars that record traffic stops.

Although these videos do not always capture the entire encounter or may not have audio, they are often useful tools to both the prosecution and the defense.

The video may show the alleged traffic offense.

And, in OVI cases, they will sometimes show how an individual performed on field sobriety tests.

Further, they document the interaction between the officer and the individual detained.

This can prove to be very useful evidence for the prosecution and the defense.

So, what exactly is a dash cam video? It is a very useful tool to both the prosecution and the defense.

Having a video can, sometimes, more clearly establish whether a violation actually occurred or whether an individual actually performed well on field sobriety tests.

It is critical that all evidence, especially a dash cam video, be reviewed prior to determining the best avenue for a defense.

The best defense is one tailored to the facts in any given case.

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