If Your Loved One Is Arrested, Do Not Talk To Them About It

As former prosecutors, the attorneys at Patituce & Associates know more than others how dangerous it is for our clients to talk about their case over a jail phone. All phone calls are recorded at all times that leave the jail. Many times our clients have a very good, legitimate, defense prior to picking up the phone. Even a good Cleveland Criminal Attorney cannot undo what our clients say over the phone.

For example, we recent had a client charged with murder. This client had a very, very strong case that he would have likely won at trial; however, despite our advice not to talk about the case over the phone, the client did. The result was that the prosecution could lock our client into his “story” of what really happened.

The sad reality is that the prosecution was able to convict someone based on his story, rather than the totality of the evidence. We do not bring this up to criticize a client, who we continue to fight for, but to illustrate that while you are sitting in jail (or your loved one is) everything that is said will be used against them – and may be used in a way that does not really represent what was really said.

Our Cleveland criminal defense attorney is a former Cuyahoga County Prosecutor who has had the privilege to argue cases on both sides of the law. We have developed a strong reputation that we stand by. Look us up online, google “patituce reviews” and see what others have said about us.

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