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Defending Those Accused of a Crime

Cleveland Sex Crime Defense Attorneys

Sex crime allegations carry incredibly painful penalties in the criminal and civil realm, but also can have a profound impact upon your personal life if you are labeled a sex offender. The mere accusation that you have committed a sex offense can result in you losing your job, your home, and even family members. The Cleveland sex crime defense attorneys at Patituce & Associates know how important this is, and we are ready to help.

The Importance of Working with an Experienced (& Honest!) Lawyer

A recent conversation with a mother and daughter reminded us of how important it is to everyday people that attorneys be completely honest and straightforward with their potential clients. A daughter called us to ask whether or not we could help them as her father had just been arrested in a suburb near Cleveland by what seemed like half of the county's police force. This was shocking, scary, and completely overwhelming for her and her mother. Having a nice sales pitch is always nice, but it is more important to be honest with clients.

The first attorney that the people above spoke to promised everything-but was sparse on facts. The attorney stated he could deliver an acquittal on one of the most complex cases to defend: a sex crime against children. These cases are very winnable, and defensible if you have experience handling them. When pressed for his resume, or experience, the mother and daughter quickly found out that he was just a salesman with a few gimmicks. Avoid at all costs attorneys that make promises outside of how hard they will work for you.

We've seen firsthand the impact an attorney can have on a case's outcome. Hiring a Cleveland criminal defense lawyer can make the difference between prison and probation or freedom. A sex crime carries with it the possibility of life in prison and the possibility that even a misdemeanor conviction can result in years of public registration as a sex offender.

Client accused of rape and sexual misconduct. Through our efforts, client avoided being charged. The client was able to put the matter behind him.
Result: No Charges!

We defend these crimes because we believe in three things:

  1. Some of the people who are charged with these crimes are actually innocent and deserving of our time, energy, and help
  2. Some of these people are guilty of actually committing a crime of some kind but are not guilty with what they are charged
  3. Some people are guilty of the crime they are accused of but deserve defense from the government who seeks decades of prison time

If you would like to see how our firm can help, contact us today. We can be reached at (440) 709-8088.

Do Not Speak to Police: Speak to Us First About Any Sexual Offense Charge

Many individuals believe that if they speak to the police and explain their side of the story, they will be able to avoid being charged with a sex crime. This is typically not the case and, in our experience as criminal defense attorneys defending people charged with these types of crimes, we have found that most people convict themselves before they are even charged with a sex offense. There may be times when it is in your best interest to actually speak to the police; however, you should always consult with a sex crime defense attorney prior to making a formal statement. Remember, anything you say can and will be used against you.

Speaking with an attorney will help you understand what you are facing as far as criminal or civil sanctions. For instance, a rape conviction carries with it a prison sentence between 3 and 10 years. It will also result in you being labeled, and forced to register, as a Tier III sex offender. This will require you to register every 90 days for the rest of your life even if you move outside of Ohio. Because of the severity of these risks, it is important that you select a qualified defense lawyer to defend you from any allegation of rape or other sexual allegation.

Arrested for a Sexual Offense? We Can Help with the Following Charges:

  • 2907.02 - Rape
  • 2907.03 - Sexual battery
  • 2907.04 - Unlawful sexual conduct with minor;
  • 2907.05 - Gross sexual imposition
  • 2907.06 - Sexual imposition
  • 2907.07 - Importuning
  • 2907.08 - Voyeurism
  • 2907.09 - Public indecency
  • 2907.19 - Commercial sexual exploitation of a minor
  • 2907.21 - Compelling prostitution
  • 2907.22 - Promoting prostitution
  • 2907.23 - Enticement or solicitation to patronize a prostitute; procurement of a prostitute for another
  • 2907.28 - Payment for medical examination and test of any victim or accused
  • 2907.31 - Disseminating matter harmful to juveniles
  • 2907.311 - Displaying matter harmful to juveniles
  • 2907.32 - Pandering obscenity
  • 2907.321 - Pandering obscenity to a minor
  • 2907.322 - Pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor
  • 2907.323 - Illegal use of minor in nudity-oriented material or performance
  • 2907.33 - Deception to obtain matter harmful to juveniles
  • 2907.34 - Compelling acceptance of objectionable materials
  • 2907.38 - Permitting unlawful operation of viewing booths depicting sexual conduct
  • 2907.39 - Permitting juvenile on premises of adult entertainment establishment
  • Use of false information to gain entry
  • 2907.40 - Illegally operating sexually oriented business

Criminal Defense for Sex Crimes in the Cleveland Area

  • We find that one of the more daunting tasks for clients charged with a sex crime is finding an attorney who:
  • Is experienced enough to handle the case; and
  • Makes the client comfortable with the representation.

If you have been charged with a sex crime, you need to hire an attorney who focuses heavily on those types of cases. It is important that you defend yourself by hiring the most experienced attorney who you can also feel comfortable with Almost all sex crimes carry mandatory prison time-and some even carry the possibility of life in prison. On top of this, almost all sex crimes have a mandatory sex offender reporting requirement, meaning that you may have to register your address every 90 days for the rest of your life if you are convicted.

If you are serious about defending yourself from sex-related charges in Cleveland, call us at (440) 709-8088. The call is strictly confidential. We promise that we will treat you with the respect and dignity that you deserve.

Call (440) 709-8088 to set up a free consultation concerning your case with our defense lawyers.

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