Advice from a Defense Lawyer on Handling Criminal Charges

It is important to know that if you, or a loved one, has been arrested on criminal charges in the Cleveland, Ohio area that you are not alone. Being here on this website is the first step you can make in helping yourself. Even if we do not agree to take on your case, we can point you in the right direction to get the help that you need and deserve. As a former prosecutor I can tell you that I understand how each and every person who calls me is entitled to the respect they deserve, and from my Firm, they will get that respect.

1- You have the right to remain silent, use it.

I spend hours each and every day speaking with people who did not invoke their right to remain silent for one of a couple reasons: (1) they did not want to upset the police, (2) they thought if they told the police the truth the charges would get dropped, (3) they did not realize they had the right to remain silent, (4) the police bullied them into giving a statement.

If you have not yet spoken to the police about what happened make sure you take this simple, free, piece of advice – DO NOT SPEAK TO THE POLICE. The police want to interrogate you, to obtain evidence about you, they do not want to help you.

2- Research any attorney you are considering hiring prior to speaking with them.

It is virtually impossible to hide anything on the internet these days. It is important to use the tools available to you in selecting an attorney; the same way, and same tools, you might use in picking a doctor, school, or car. We have a strong reputation and I suggest you use google to find out more about us – the reviews that we cannot control. Google “attorney joe patituce reviews” or something similar to that. Do that for any attorney you might consider hiring.

3- Call us for your free consultation.

Call us at (440) 709-8088 for your pressure-free and obligation-free consultation. All of our attorneys are former prosecutors, we would be honored to become your criminal defense attorney in Cleveland. Call today.