Police Want Me to Come in for an Interview

Police Want to Interview Me

Many people want to cooperate with the police. We are taught since early childhood that if we cooperate and tell the truth things will go well for us. Unfortunately, that is hardly true when dealing with police and investigations. The police are not necessarily interested in what you believe the truth to be – they are interested only in extracting certain facts that help them close out their case.

If the police want to talk to you, at the police station (or any place really), concerning a crime you need to take the following advice very seriously: Do Not Talk To The Police. Immediately call a criminal defense attorney. Many people fall for the tricks that detectives and police officers use – they lie, deceive, manipulate you into believing that they just want you to talk about something.

They might even tell you that you are not a suspect.

When you show up at the police station you are ushered into an interrogation (“interview”) room that is often set up to put all of the pressure on you to confess, or incriminate yourself, in the way that the police want. What is most offensive is that because you are not under arrest, and were probably told you could leave whenever you want, you do not need to be read your Miranda rights.

Most people take this to mean they really are not a suspect and just start talking.

Do not do this. Hire an experienced defense attorney, immediately, to protect your rights. The police do not want to help you. They want to investigate and arrest you!

This is a hard concept, and understandably so, for a lot of people to understand. Most of our clients have never been in trouble with the law before, outside of maybe a speeding ticket. Most people are lead to believe that they should speak with the police and that if they just tell the police what happened nothing bad will happen.

This could not be further from the truth. The police are trained to investigate and in most cases, they are very good at getting facts out of you without you even knowing it. In many cases, our clients have already admitted, before hiring us, to parts of the crime they are charged with. Even if this is the case we can still help you.

The police use aggressive tactics to get facts out of you.

The police are trained to get you to say things that you would not normally say if you were not under the pressure of an investigation. The police want you to say you committed the crime, but if they are not able to get you to just say it they will get you to put yourself at the scene of the crime, talk about facts that only the person that did it would know, all of this even if you did not actually commit the crime.

Call one of our former prosecutors for a pressure-free consultation. It is our job to defend you. If you are being investigated, or have already spoken with the police, call us today.