An Example of Horrible Legal Advice for DUI Defendants

I have a personal policy, and a policy for my law firm, that we will not speak poorly of other attorneys. We are confident in what we do, and our clients are happy with the results we get them.

This weekend I received a phone call from a very nice woman, who's a nurse who was arrested for a DUI the night before. After she was taken back to the police station she was given the chance to call her attorney before taking the breath test. What the attorney told her shocked me – he told her, who he knew to have been drinking, to take the breath test.

If I told you to put a gun up to your head, knowing that there were bullets in it, and pull the trigger you would think I was crazy. If an attorney advises you to take a breath test, you need to ask for a second opinion and fast.

In this specific case the woman is a nurse, which means any alcohol-related offense will cause problems with her nursing license. On top of that, in the process of being arrested, she properly refused all field sobriety tests and invoked her right to remain silent.

This means that without a chemical test (blood, breath, or urine) the police will have a very hard time proving her guilt. In other words, an experienced DUI defense attorney knows that because of her refusal to take a breath test her license will be suspended for a year (which can be beaten) and that she will face a minimum of 6 days in jail.

The experienced DUI defense attorney also knows that the police and prosecutors have an incredibly weak case. Moreover, in the jurisdiction that she was stopped in the prosecutor will still negotiate, even though it was a refusal.

It is important to make sure you hire an attorney that knows what they are doing in these cases. There are a lot of people out there that claim they do, but in the end advice like what was given to this woman can hurt not only her freedom but her ability to maintain work.

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