I Posted Bond & My Case Was Bound Over; Will I Need to Post Again?

If you were charged with a felony and the case started in a Municipal Court, you may still have to post a bond in the County Court.

If you are arrested for a felony, your case may begin in a local Municipal Court.

If this happens, you will typically have an appearance before the Municipal Court judge who will set your bond and give you the opportunity to have a preliminary hearing.

If you elect to have a preliminary hearing, the judge will likely set a bond so that you can be released while the case is pending.

If you waive the preliminary hearing, the bond instated by the municipal court judge will remain in effect, at least until your formal arraignment at the county level.

When a case goes to the county court you will be formally charged and arraigned.

The judge presiding over you arraignment can elect to continue the original bond set in your case at the municipal court level, or may decide to set another bond.

If a new bond is set in the county court, you should be able to obtain the original bond in the municipal court if you posted that bond without a bondsman.

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