The Cost to File an Appeal

Just like in every case, a major concern is how much it costs to handle.

An appeal means that you either went through a trial and lost, or you entered a plea and now want to appeal.

An appeal can be a valuable tool for anyone who has been wrongfully convicted, convicted on weak evidence, convicted because of an error of law.

So how much does it cost in order to file an appeal?

A very fair question. Each case is different and the cost varies with how complicated your matter is.

For instance, if you wish to appeal a simple plea and sentence that will be less than if you wish to appeal from a full trial or a suppression hearing.

Time is very important on an appeal. Typically you must have your notice of appeal filed within thirty (30) days of the last event that happened in your case. Normally the sentencing.

If you miss this your appeal might be denied even though you should win.

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