Will the Statement I Made Be Used Against Me?

When questioned by police, many people make statements. These statements may be complete confessions, or they may just be a few words, but either way, the police will likely use anything you say against you. You may think you did not say anything to make yourself appear guilty, but even the simplest statements can be construed in a way that casts doubt on a person’s innocence.

Further, the police may try to show that you are a liar.

Whether a statement you made to the police will be used against you is often very fact specific. In many situations, the police may not be obligated to read an individual their Miranda rights before questioning. It is important that an experienced and knowledgeable attorney review the facts surrounding any statement you may have made before a determination as to the legality can be made.

Once the legality of your statement is determined, an aggressive strategy to defend against it, if necessary, can be tailored based on the facts and relevant law.

So, Should I Hire a Lawyer Before I Talk to Police?

The best advice I can give you is to never speak to the police without hiring an attorney first. If you are a suspect in a crime, the police are not going to do you any favors for “cooperating” with them. What “cooperating” with the police really means is that you are walking into an interrogation, without any of your rights, against highly trained investigators that want to arrest you.

Many of our cases involve individuals who had nothing to hide, and felt as such, going into talk to the police about their case. They never made it back home because the police forced incriminating statements out of them. In other cases, our client is in fact very guilty. Even so, there is just as much of a reason for a guilty person to hire an attorney as someone who is innocent – you need to protect yourself and your family.

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