What Is Considered a Booking Video?

Although you may not know it, many jails use video cameras in their jail cells and booking areas.

If you are arrested and returned to the jail, you may very well be on video.

These cameras may capture the paperwork, fingerprinting, photographing, and inventorying of a suspect.

In DUI cases, they may capture a suspect taking or refusing a breath test.

They may also monitor holding cells.

So, what is a booking video and why is it useful? The video is whatever the cameras in the booking area have captured.

It can be very useful for both the prosecution and the defense to establish whether proper procedures were followed or how a suspect was behaving.

This videos are often received from the prosecution or police in response to a discovery request once the case has been initiated at court.

This videos can be a beneficial tool and it is important that it be reviewed prior to proceeding with a defense strategy.

The best defenses are based on the evidence available, and, thus, all available evidence should be reviewed prior to crafting a strategy.

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