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How Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help Me?

Each day, I sit in court rooms all across this state, and, every day, I see people making the same mistake over and over again: they go into court, facing serious charges, without having hired the best criminal defense lawyer they could afford.

Hiring an attorney is the single best move you can make. It is even more important than initially posting bond. It means that you have someone fighting for you from the very beginning in a situation where time is very much against you.

In Ohio, on felony cases, the State must bring you to trial very quickly. And while that might seem like a good thing on the surface, it can actually be very bad for you. Normally, by the time you are indicted on criminal charges, the government has enough information to present the case to a jury; you have no evidence, and are not prepared at all. In the end hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer can be the difference between losing your freedom and being vindicated for a crime you did not commit.

Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

As a former prosecutor, I can tell you that you are selling yourself short if you do not hire the absolute best attorney you can afford. I often compare going into court without an attorney or with a “cheap” attorney as performing surgery on yourself. No one would do that and in medicine, just like in the law, not all attorneys are equal. If I need surgery, I go to a surgeon. If I need a regular or routine checkup I go to my family practice doctor. If I have been arrested for a crime I call an experienced defense attorney but if I need a will drawn up I go to a transactional attorney.

How Do I Find the Best Defense Attorney?

One of the most important decisions is which attorney to hire? There are so many different resources out there to pick from that it can feel overwhelming.

  • Do you use the family friend who practices some criminal law?
  • Do you use the Yellow Pages?
  • Do you call the bar association and ask?

While we think very highly of our practice and the work that we have done for our clients in the past, we recommend that you highly research any potential attorney. Use resources such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing and look for reviews. It is important that you hire the best defense attorney that you can afford. I can tell you that people who go into court with a “cheap” attorney or an attorney who lacks experience typically do very poorly. And a poor outcome can mean your life.

If you are facing charges and have more questions, feel free to call me. Ask to speak to me, Joseph Patituce. I defend people against serious crimes all across the state. If I agree to take your case on, I promise that my team and I will treat it with the respect that you deserve.


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