Questions to Ask Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

I am often called, every week if not every day, by soon to be clients who are frustrated that their attorney is not returning their calls or that they are frustrated that they are not getting the feedback they want. The latter can simply be, and often is, the result of not knowing what questions to ask. Most of our clients are first time offenders, and this is their first exposure to the system. I suggest that you ask the following:

1- What is the training, experience, and background of the Criminal Attorney?

It is important to know where your criminal defense attorney came from. This means finding out what they did prior to handling your case – did they work as a prosecutor? Did they receive training from some of the better defense attorneys in your area? What kinds of cases do they typically handle?

Both my partner and I are former Cuyahoga County Assistant Prosecutors – we have handled cases ranging from capital murder cases through DUI, drug crimes, and domestic violence charges. We prosecuted some of the highest stakes types of crimes, and we defend clients whose lives and livelihoods are literally on the line. We were trained by some of the best, and we do our utmost to provide the best defense you can get.

2- What kinds of results does the Criminal Attorney get for their clients charged with a similar crime?

Now, do not be confused here – any attorney that claims they can guarantee an outcome is deceiving you and you should run away from them as fast as possible. No attorney can promise a result, but at the same time past results can indicate how hard the attorney works, what their training and experience does for their clients.

We have a very high success rate. As criminal attorneys we have only ever lost three jury trials. This does not mean we will win your jury trial, but it does mean we will bring all of our hard work, dedication, and experiences to bear on your case.

3- What does the criminal attorney charge?

This is a very important question. Any attorney that tells you that they always charge a flat fee of $750.00 in a rape, DUI, or drug case should probably give you pause. Attorneys who charge a fee that is clearly too low, or too high, should make you question why they are charging that.

We are more than glad to speak to you about what we charge in your case and set up a payment plan for your criminal defense case that works for you.

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