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How We Fight DUI Charges

As a former prosecutor, I can tell you that you need to make sure that you hire the right attorney to defend you from your DUI charges. A DUI, even a first offense, carries with it mandatory jail time. This can be a completely horrifying prospect.

On top of that, there are mandatory license suspensions of 6 months to 3 years, again on just a first offense. Many people and many attorneys do not even realize that there are two different types of license suspensions involved in a typical DUI. There is the license suspension you receive from the cop when you test over the legal limit or refuse the breath test, and then there is a whole new suspension for when you are convicted.

We work to avoid you being convicted at all.

A lot of attorneys practice DUI defense. Why? There is money in it. (One thing you will find from me is that I am very direct) People who are arrested for DUIs are professionals, people who have jobs, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters. Our clients are people that have something to lose by picking up a DUI. For that reason, a lot of attorneys practice DUI defense, but few have any idea what they are doing. Make sure you completely vet your attorney before hiring them – I always recommend using Google or Avvo to learn more about your attorney – myself included.

Why you should learn everything possible about your attorney before you hire them: A sad story.

Recently, I lost a client to another attorney. It happens and I always tell my clients that they need to be comfortable with their attorney. This client did what many do the morning of their arrest – called the first 10 attorneys they found. I was the only one to answer my phone early on a Saturday. I talked to the client, they decided to retain me. A few hours later I received a call back from the new client who told me that they decided to go with another attorney who promised them that they would not have to go to jail and a few other things. This attorney told the new client about the attorney’s “three decades of legal experience”.

Rather than being a sore loser I wished the client the best and refunded all of their money – we do not keep the money we do not earn.

I happened to be in the specific court that the client was scheduled to be in later that week. I suspected the person was the client I had lost because when they heard my name they quickly approached me. I learned that the attorney had made all of these glorious promises prior to taking the money, but once the credit card cleared and the attorney showed up at court the tone changed – now the case was overwhelming. This attorney with “three decades of legal experience” turns out had only really been an attorney for a couple of years.

I took the client back, and rather than forcing the client to plead guilty to the charge (as the other attorney wanted to do) I was able to work out a plea to a reduced charge of reckless operation. I was also able to help the client get all of their money back from the other attorney.

If you are serious about defending yourself from Cleveland, Ohio DUI Charges give us a call at (440) 709-8088. Ask to speak to me, Joe Patituce, about your charges. I am a Cleveland, Ohio DUI Attorney, a former prosecutor, and will treat your case with the dignity and respect you deserve.


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