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    Judge orders no contact with any minor children for day care worker charged with rape

    Our lead attorney defended a young man accused of sexual abuse at a day care. The state worked to add new stipulations to his bond conditions, while our attorney fought to uphold the original conditions of the bond agreement. He maintained that our client did not need to be removed from his home, where his sisters also resided.

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  • Akron cop guilty of misdemeanor assault in Playhouse Square fight, West Salem cop acquitted

    Our firm defended a police officer accused of felony assault. While he and his partner were facing the same charges for the same incident, our client was acquitted for his part in the event. His partner, however, was found guilty of misdemeanor assault.

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  • Cleveland cop pleads guilty to sexual contact with minor

    Our firm represented a police officer accused of sexual imposition involving a minor. Our client was a police officer facing felony sex charges and potential imprisonment. Our representation helped him avoid felony charges and jail time, resulting in a misdemeanor charge and probation.

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  • Northfield Village man sentenced to 11 years in prison for death of daughter

    Our client was accused of causing the death of his 4-month-old daughter, and he was facing life imprisonment for his charges. Our firm represented his case, and our work eventually reduced the sentence to 11 years in prison. Our representation also meant the charge was lowered to involuntary manslaughter

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