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A DUI law firm can come to your aid when you have been accused of this extremely serious crime in Ohio. If you are a family member or friend searching for a lawyer on someone’s behalf, it may be beneficial to bring in an attorney at the earliest possible point. If you have been arrested and are awaiting a court date, or are considering changing attorneys from the public defender that represents you, call now.


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Judges and the Department of Motor Vehicles have probably heard every kind of excuse or reason for a person driving under the influence (DUI) – or OVI as it is called under Ohio law. OVI stands for “Operating a Vehicle under the Influence or Impaired”; impaired usually means drugged driving, and this can include perfectly legal drugs a doctor prescribed for you to take. Our DUI law firm understands the complexity of Ohio law, which is why some people choose to have a lawyer arguing their case before the court.

As some of the most skilled Cleveland, Ohio DUI Attorneys in the area, we will mount a vigorous defense. While we never guarantee an outcome, in some cases an attorney will attempt to “argue down” the charges, to try to reduce the sentence to something closer to the minimum, and may feel it is possible to call into question the sobriety test results or other circumstances surrounding an OVI arrest. A vigorous defense is a specialty of our DUI law firm. Ohio DUI laws are some of the toughest in the country.

  • Courts and law enforcement make a focused effort to get OVI offenders off the roads, and authorities feel their toughness is paying off, so they are not letting up. In Ohio in 2008 one in three traffic deaths involved a driver who “blew” a drug alcohol level of 0.08% or higher. That is down from one in two in 1982. The lowest number of alcohol related deaths in history occurred in 2008. Law enforcement is convinced tougher laws and tougher enforcement is the reason. It is why they may seek the highest possible penalties. A DUI law firm attorney can argue against that if possible.

If you are convicted of DUI (OVI) in Ohio, it can change your life forever. You will lose your license for a period of time. You face an almost certain fine, and you may spend time in jail. Arrests alone can ruin a professional career. This is why our DUI law firm has lawyers who have built their practice around arguing for lesser penalties. Once again, we are in no way suggesting that this is the strategy that is right for your individual case, but an example of a defense that has been argued for some people includes alcohol treatment rather than time in jail.

Ohio is taking OVI enforcement seriously, and our DUI law firm takes seriously the fact that you have rights throughout the process, and that our work is to protect those rights or the rights of your family member or friend if you have called us on their behalf. No one has to go it alone when they have been arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated or impaired. Everyone has a right to a good attorney at their side.

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