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DUI & Criminal Defense
Former Prosecutor Joe Patituce


It is important to retain the services of a DUI Attorney if you have been charged with, or arrested for, a DUI/OVI related crime.  A DUI Attorney can mean the difference between the mandatory jail time, large fines you face, mandatory driver’s license suspension and moving on with your life.  Joseph C. Patituce, Managing Partner of Patituce & Associates, is a former Cuyahoga County Assistant Prosecutor who now represents clients all throughout Ohio who have been charged with these types of crimes.

DUI Attorney - Free Consultation


It is important that your DUI Attorney review with you all of the DUI Penalties you face in Ohio.  Many people, including lawyers, do not know that there are in fact two legal blood alcohol limits in Ohio.  This should worry you, especially if your attorney does not know this.  The first legal limit is 0.08 and the second is 0.17 – the penalties for these types of charges go up significantly if you test over the second legal limit (also known as a high tier test).

A DUI ATTORNEY CAN PROTECT YOU FROM DRUNK DRIVING CHARGES. Many times our clients will ask us “What can you do for me? I blew over the legal limit.” We understand that your case might seem hopeless to you if you failed a breathalyzer test, or you failed a field sobriety test, however, our experience and success has demonstrated that simply failing either or both tests does not mean you are going to be convicted of a crime.  This is why it is important to select a DUI Attorney that has actual experience defending clients from these types of crimes.

OUR DUI ATTORNEY CHALLENGES THE GOVERNMENT’S CASE. We are not a plea factory.  Many DUI lawyers will simply take their clients in and get a quick plea deal – we feel this approach has lead to lawyers having a very bad name.  We aggressively fight for our clients, and we tailor our approach to what our clients want.  Some of our clients do want us to work out the best deal we can as fast as possible, others want us to challenge the evidence and attempt to secure an acquittal.  It depends on the client’s situation – if you have a job that you need driving privileges for or that you can not have a criminal conviction you might need to fight because if you lose your job you could lose your home, family, and friends.  We understand that.

CALL A DUI ATTORNEY TODAY FOR YOUR FREE CONSULTATION. It is important that you speak with a DUI Attorney today if you have been charged with these types of crimes because going it alone, or with a lawyer that does not practice in this area is simply a horrible idea.  We do not believe that you should have to pay to talk to us so we offer a free consultation to all of our clients – simply call (440) 471-7784 today!