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What Happens After A Grand Jury Indicts Me For A Felony in The Cleveland, Ohio Area?

Many times I receive calls from potential clients in the weeks leading up to an indictment.  Some times people want to wait and see if they get indicted, they hold onto hope that if they wait that they will not be charged.  The smart clients hire us right away.

If your case is being sent to the grand jury for felony charges the chances that you are going to be indicted are in the high 90’s.  As a former prosecutor I can tell you that the amount of cases, even the weak ones, that are indicted shock most people.  But what happens when the indictment is handed down happens fast, and can have very negative results – so it is important to have an attorney right away.

When a grand jury issues an indictment either a warrant for your arrest is issued, and the police come and find you, or a summons is issued for you to appear at your arraignment.  The arraignment is where you will enter a plea of not guilty and ask that a bond be set.  It is important to have an attorney in place who can have your bond already set up with a bondsman, and have taken the other necessary steps to protect you.

If you would like to learn more about how an attorney can protect you against criminal charges in Cleveland, give us a call at (440) 471-7784.  The call is completely confidential and without any obligation on your part.  Ask to speak to me, Joseph Patituce, I am a Criminal Lawyer in Cleveland.  If I agree to take on your case I promise that you and your matter will be treated with respect and dignity.

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