How To Find A Criminal Defense Firm In Cleveland, Ohio.

by Joseph Patituce on January 26, 2013

As former prosecutors my partners and I can tell you how important it is to hire the best possible defense team that you can afford.  Not all attorneys are equipped to be defense attorneys, not everyone can defend the most serious of cases as aggressively as needed.

When I was a prosecutor I used to know which defense attorneys would be more likely to enter into a plea agreement for their client, even if they should not.  I also used to know which defense lawyers would be less likely to force their client into a plea and who would be willing to seek out a trial.  This impacted the way I prosecuted cases.

In looking for the best criminal defense firm in Cleveland you should use all of your resources.  The most important resource that you have is the ability to use the internet to find out every possible piece of information you can.  I suggest using sites such as google, bing, or yahoo to find reviews on attorneys.  But be aware, many attorneys hire firms to post false negative information about their competitors.

Unlike most attorneys in the Cleveland area who practice criminal defense I have several attorneys in multiple states that work for me.  I believe we can provide some of the best criminal defense in the city.

If you would like to learn more give me a call at (440) 471-7784.  Ask to speak to me personally, my name is Joseph Patituce.  I am a Criminal Defense Lawyer.  The call is completely confidential and without any obligation.

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