Weapons Crimes And The Risks Associated With Them

by Joseph Patituce on December 31, 2012

As a former prosecutor I can tell you how seriously, and how aggressively, the government takes weapon crimes and the charges that come with them.  Our clients face weapons charges in both State and Federal Court.  Often time weapons charges come with other types of crimes – high end drug cases, murders, and sex crimes.

There are really just two different types of weapons crimes.  There are crimes for having the weapons: assault rifles, weapons with serial numbers filed off, possession of illegal weapons.  The other are for using a weapon during the commission of a crime.

In State level offenses the use of a weapon can add years, and even decades, worth of prison time onto your case.  For instance, if you are accused of drug trafficking cocaine but you have a firearm on you the police can try to add on 3 additional years that are not probationable to your case.  If you are accused of firing at someone from a vehicle you could be looking at an additional 8 years.  There are other scenarios but the time quickly adds up.

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