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How can you get driving privileges after a Cleveland DUI/OVI?

To most of my clients the most important question they have when first signing up with us is centered around how long it will take for them to get driving privileges after they have been arrested.  Ohio DUI law is incredibly tough on even a first time offender; specifically on a first offense you could be without the ability to legally drive for the first thirty days of the offense.  It is important to hire a Cleveland, Ohio DUI Attorney to fight for your right to drive.

Each and every court in the Cleveland, Ohio area is different.  It is important that your select an attorney that has experience with the court you will be appearing in because while the following are the minimums, there are methods for obtaining privileges faster:

  • On a first offense failed breath test you lose your right to drive for a minimum of 15 days;
  • On a first offense refused test you lose your right to drive for a minimum of 30 days;
  • On a second offense you lose your right to drive for 45 days but your car is impounded for 90 days if it is registered in your name.

It is really important to know that it is probably better for your case, overall, if you refuse all testing – including the field sobriety tests.  The police officers will not tell you that if you take the test but are convicted your license will be suspended for 6 months to 3 years on a first offense!!! But if you do not provide the police with the evidence of your guilt you might not have any suspension at all.

Call (440) 471-7811 for a presure free, no obligation, consultation with me, Joe Patituce, a Cleveland, Ohio DUI Attorney. If I do not agree to take on your case I will make sure you are pointed in the direction of an attorney that can help you in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

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