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How can my DUI/OVI case be dismissed in the Cleveland area?

Often when speaking to potential clients I find that they fall into two categories of people: (1) people who feel that there is absolutely no hope of beating their DUI/OVI arrest, or (2) people who have heard myths about how you can beat a DUI/OVI.  The purpose of this article is to show how we can help both people – people who need results.

Just because you have been arrested for DUI/OVI in the Cleveland, Ohio area does not mean that you will be convicted.

The reason it is so important to pick the right Cleveland, Ohio DUI Lawyer is that properly handling a DUI/OVI is a skill that a lot of attorneys simply do not have.  This area of law is highly technical and deals with a lot of scientific equipment.

Both my partner, Megan Patituce, and I are former Cuyahoga County Prosecutors and have the experience and training necessary to properly fight these types of charges.  For instance, one of the breath testing machines being widely used across the State of Ohio – and in the Cleveland, Ohio area – can be successfully attacked.  One of the ways we attack the machine is by demonstrating that the breath testing machine is not being used in accordance with the law.  This is complicated, but completely possible.

We attack the evidence to get results.

I think the one thing, above all others, that separate us as DUI attorneys from those that occasionally practice this area of law is that we actually attack the evidence.  By doing this we turn the State’s greatest strengths into weaknesses for them.  For example, as stated above we attack the breath testing machine to turn the results around – without breath testing results the prosecutor’s case gets a lot harder to win.  From there we attack the field sobriety tests – they have to be completed and conducted in very specific ways.  Without a breath testing result and a field sobriety result it is almost impossible for the prosecutor to obtain a conviction – and therefore that impossible to beat DUI charge just turned into a reduction (maybe to reckless operation) or a complete dismissal.

Call our office at (440) 471-7811 and let one of our DUI Attorneys in Cleveland talk to you about how we can help you on your DUI/OVI charges.  The call is pressure free, and obligation free, if we agree to take your case we will start working right away.

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