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Questions to ask when hiring a Cleveland area DUI Lawyer

This time of the year, November through January, involves a lot of calls coming to my office from people who were arrested after leaving a holiday party.  Most of these clients are professionals of some form who have never been in trouble before – let alone been charged with a life altering criminal offense.  Almost all of these clients say the same thing – repeating their genuine remorse, and hoping to avoid losing their jobs for DUI.  Some attorneys would scoff at this, but frankly this is why our clients come to us.  I tell each and everyone of my prospective clients that they should call around to other DUI attorneys – most refuse, but here are some questions you should ask the attorney you are speaking with:


This is a really important question for this field of criminal law, because the vast majority of criminal defense attorneys are simply not qualified to handle these types of cases.  Ask the attorney you are speaking to how many DUI cases they have taken to trial, how many trials they have actually prepared for, and what steps they take to prepare for a DUI trial.  If the attorney seriously prepares for trial they should be able to tell you that at a minimum they:

  1.  Obtain a full copy of the police report;
  2.  Obtain a full copy of the dash camera video, if it exists;
  3.  If the video does not exist they obtain police policy manuals explaining why such a vital piece of evidence does not exist;
  4. All internal dispatch tapes relating to your traffic stop (you can find that the reason the police say they pulled you over is different from what they tell their fellow cops);
  5. A review of the field sobriety tests;
  6. A complete review of the breath test/blood test/urine test.

This is a minimum.  At Patituce & Associates we go far beyond this, both my partner and I are former Cuyahoga County Prosecutors who have practiced on both sides of the law – and we understand how devastating these types of charges can be on you.


If you, or a loved one, has been arrested for DUI charges in the Cleveland, Ohio area this holiday season, give us a call at (440) 471-7811.  I, Joe Patituce, and my partner would be honored to become your Cleveland, Ohio DUI Lawyer and defend you from the charges you face.

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