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How fast can a Cleveland area DUI Attorney get your driving privileges back?

This is one of the first questions I am always asked, once our clients learn how long their license has been suspended for.  As discussed in another article a first offense DUI/OVI in Ohio means that your license has been administratively suspended for fifteen (15) days.  This means that the police officer has just taken your license without a court hearing and it is incredibly difficult to obtain those privileges until the fifteen day period has passed – but not impossible.

You ONLY have five days to file an appeal of your license suspension.

A common mistake that rooking DUI Lawyers make when handling a case such as yours is that they do not file the appeal of the administrative suspension quickly enough.  They wait until the first pretrial to bring up the issue and then it is too late.  At Patituce & Associates both partners are former prosecutors, meaning we understand how important it is to file the appropriate documents in the correct amount of time.

There is another side to this though that you need to be aware of.  Even if we are successful in obtaining your privileges through the ALS appeal you might still have your license suspended later in the proceedings if your case is not handled in the right way or if you are eventually convicted of an OVI. It is important to speak with an attorney that has significant experience handling DUI arrests.

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If you have been charged with an OVI in Cleveland, Ohio, give me- Joe Patituce- a call at (440) 471-7784 for a free consultation regarding your case.  The call is free and you have no obligation.  If I agree to take your case on I would be honored to be your Cleveland, Ohio DUI Attorney.

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