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I Went Through Three Lawyers Before I Hired Joe As My Criminal Defense Attorney. The First Three Said I Had No Shot At Winning. Joe Said I Could. He Did What No One Else Could Do – He Won.

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Can An Attorney Really Make A Difference On Your DUI or Criminal Arrest?

As folks just like you will tell you…. when you’re looking at significant jail time after an arrest or a license suspension for DUI…. you’d better believe a talented attorney can make a difference.

As a former prosecutor turned defense attorney, I’ve been part of 1,000’s of success stories. If you or a family member has been arrested for DUI or other criminal offense, here’s what I’d like you to remember….

Best DUI Attorney

If you, or a family member have been charged, it’s very important to know that the consequences can impact all areas of your life.  You may not be able to secure employment, you may have to spend time in jail…. and your insurance premiums will be raised considerably if you are convicted of DUI.

We believe everyone should be able to meet or talk with a lawyer for the first time at no cost. Call 440-471-7811 for a FREE consultation on your DUI or Criminal arrest.

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In the State of Ohio, DUI is considered a criminal offense.  If convicted, you will be faced with specific sentencing guidelines that the court will impose upon you.  These guidelines will be determined by your specific offense.  Penalties for second or third offenses are even steeper.

As you read this, you may be afraid that there is no hope for you after an arrest for DUI.  But our laws say that you are innocent until proven guilty.
My job is to hold prosecutors to the requirement of proof.  They have their version of the truth….and you have the right to counter it.

To make sure that is done correctly, it’s very important to hire a professional DUI Lawyer in Cleveland if you or a member of your family is arrested in the Cleveland area.  An experienced DUI Attorney brings many benefits to your case because he knows exactly how your case will proceed through the court, and he or she will work tirelessly to get you driving privileges, get a reduction in charges or even get the charges thrown out.

10 Best Criminal Lawyers 2 Years in a row

When hiring a criminal attorney to defend you, look for one who has many years of experience defending DUI charges, as well as the added experience as a prosecuting attorney – one who has served on the other side of the table.

My name is Joe Patituce and I’d like to be the Cleveland DUI Attorney you make that first call to.

Criminal Arrests

My firm has been defending those charged with Criminal & DUI offenses for years – and I was a prosecuting attorney prior to that.  Put both of those experiences to work….and you have perhaps the best Criminal & DUI defense in Cleveland.

I know I can make a difference in the outcome of your case.

I have extensive experience in ALL criminal defense areas, including:

Please call me, Joe Patituce at (440) 471-7811 for a free consultation whenever you need a professional DUI or Criminal Defense Lawyer in Cleveland.  I’m available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When you want an experienced and caring attorney on your side in a legal situation, call 440-471-7811 for a free consultation

What We Do

We are known for our forceful and thorough approach to defending our clients. There can be evidence out there that police and prosecutors ignore, because their job is to make a case against you. Our job is to dig for evidence that challenges their facts. You can expect our legal team to double check every witness and piece of evidence that will be presented against you. Our investigators uncover their own information that can be used to defend you.

You can expect to be treated with respect and dignity, no matter which crime you are accused of or regardless of the legal situation you are in.

From day one we begin preparing for a court case. We do not believe in automatically recommending that a client accept a plea bargain. In the case of a plea offer that is in your best interest, you will always understand your options and the outcomes that are possible.

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Patituce and Associates serves clients that have been arrested in Cleveland, Ashtabula, Berea, Sandusky, Mansfield, Akron, Elyria, Vermilion, Painesville, Medina, Lakewood, Lorain, Parma, Ravenna, North Olmstead, Westlake and elsewhere in Cuyahoga County, Lorain County, Medina County, Summit County, Portage County and Geauga County & Lake County in northern Ohio.

For more information see our criminal defense FAQs and the Ohio DUI Penal code (Ohio Revised Code 4511.19 – Operating vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs – OVI).

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